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Are there apps for our phones which can help us get the most out of the solar eclipse opportunity?

Of course!  I hope you’ll forgive me, but I guess there IS an app for that!

The Sky and Telescope site has links to the apps by SkySafari.   “Find out what kind of eclipse you’ll see at your chosen location — and find the spot of totality nearest you — with this eclipse widget, courtesy of the makers of SkySafari. You can also download the Eclipse widget for iOS and Android from”

Sky and Telescope also has a comprehensive list of available apps that cover everything imaginable for planning and watching the eclipse.   Rick Fienberg, Press Officer of the American Astronomical Society and former Editor in Chief of Sky & Telescope has even put together a spreadsheet of all the available apps he could find related to the eclipse and included all the details about each app including price and function.  He listed apps that help with:

Your location circumstances,

Interactive maps enabled by GPS,

Eclipse simulations,

Space views,

Routes and directions,



Live streams,

Audio prompts and

Camera control.

Wow!    Most of the apps are free so go ahead and try as many out as you can to help your planning and viewing.

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