This 8-page viewer’s guide was originally intended for educators, but it is obviously valuable to all viewers.

Viewing by Direct Observation

The links below contain a lot of information about the experience of viewing the eclipse.  Safety information is so important that it’s included as an important consideration in any descriptions of the event.  Please realize the potential harm that improper viewing of the sun during the eclipse can cause.

Best Solar Eclipse Glasses (Sky and Telescope)…The technical safety details… Be sure to get adequate protection.  (Cut to the chase with Amazon.)

Projection Devices

How to Make a Sun Funnel for group viewing (NASA)
A Compact, Lightweight Solar Projection Viewer (Sky and Telescope)
How to make a solar eclipse viewer (LiveScience)

Photography and Telescopic Viewing

From Sky and Telescope, here’s an Ebook on photographing the eclipse with a smart phone.

Other Interesting Stuff

Still Hooked…This is one of the best videos around that can give you a palpable sense of the experience of viewing a total solar eclipse.

Learning opportunity for Parents with their kids (Sky and Telescope)

NASA invites you to become a citizen scientist.

From How to tell if your eclipse glasses are unsafe (and what to do about it).

From the best ISO certified solar eclipse viewing gear:

Glasses/Viewing Kits

EclipSmart 2X Power Viewers Solar Observing Kit
EclipSmart Deluxe Solar Observing & Imaging Kit


EclipSmart 10X25 Solar Binocular
EclipSmart 10X42 Solar Binocular


EclipSmart Refracting Telescope
EclipSmart Solar-safe Telescope Filter

Other Popular Viewing and Photography Aids

6″x6″ Solar Filter Sheet for Telescopes, Binoculars and Cameras
Solar Filter Foil to view eclipse safely with any device

Book to commemorate 2017 eclipse and look forward to 2024

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